Broader Horizons

In the same way that Iron Man upgrades his armour to tackle new challenges, every website needs the occasional update to keep it relevant. I’ve overhauled my blog this week, introducing a number of changes which signal a new direction for the site.

Not only has the design been upgraded, but you may notice that the title Science-fictionality has been changed to Andrew R. Cameron. This isn’t just a vain moment of self-aggrandizement (although I won’t deny that may be a factor), but it’s also a chance to broaden my focus into other topics. My tastes are evolving as I get older – although science fiction will always be my grand passion, many of the books that I am reading come from an increasing diversity of genres. I’ve developed a macabre craving for horror in the past couple of months, perhaps fuelled by the sheer amount of Lovecraft that I’ve been reading this year. I’ve been exploring a lot of other works too, from erotic fiction to crime noir. And I’m itching to write about them. I want my blog to reflect this diversifying taste in books and movies, to promote discussion on a number of different topics.

I hope you enjoy the new design. I hope you enjoy the broader focus. I’m looking forward to engaging with new readers in the coming year!



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